OU-ULM Thoughts

It is hard to write a real recap and come away with significant thoughts against the level of competition we played, but here are a few observations.

  • Mykel Jones is a stud. There should never be a game where he does not see the field.
  • Same Perine may never get hit like he did against Houston. Poor #9 for ULM tried twice and just got destroyed.
  • If Jarvis Baxter can hold on to the ball, he will have a pretty good season. He showed off his speed and elusiveness.
  • Really impressed with Caleb Kelly. Seems like he was everywhere and in every play.
  • Baker was solid, missed a couple throws to Jeffrey Mead but other than that he had a really good game.
  • Defensive line played surprisingly well considering Austin Roberts and Matt Dimon were suspended.
  • Still on the defensive line subject, Neville Gallimore is a freak. He needs to be on the field a ton, guy can play.
  • Defensively, OU is loaded with young talent and it showed last night.
  • Dakota Austin got zero meaningful stats. He is really going to have to work his way up to get back on Bob’s good side.
  • Russell Westbrook was there with a Boz jersey on. I can’t think of anything more glorious.
  • Joe Mixon is crazy good. When he gets into the open field, good luck.
  • Mark Andrews should be a first round pick. He gets open like a WR, has the hands of a WR, the speed of a WR and the body of a TE.
  • Michiah Quick played. Didn’t do anything good or anything bad but he played.
  • On the CB note, I would imagine Parrish Cobb gets the start next week but it depends on practice this week.


I don’t know about you but I can’t WAIT for Ohio State to come to Norman next week. This was a great tune up game, but we are going to have to bring our A game if we want to upset the Buckeyes.

Comment if you have more observations and be sure to check back later in the week for the Ohio State-OU preview. Boomer!

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