Quick Bullet Point Thoughts About TCU

Yes, it goes in the win category, but boy did it feel like a loss. Here are my thoughts:

  • Are there any receivers on the field that do not wear #11? Where are Baxter and Lewis?
  • Finally got some pressure on the QB but can’t cover for more than three seconds so that didn’t help much.
  • What was Jordan Thomas doing on that long prayer pass from Kenny Hill? If you remember, JT was in good position, stayed with his receiver the whole way, and then randomly decided to float behind him and give up a 50 yard catch.
  • Our line actually did a solid job run blocking. Pass blocking needs some work, but Baker does need to hold onto the ball.
  • Baker also needs to be smarter on the read option. He is not really reading it. He runs the ball almost every time and hasn’t been outrunning people a whole lot.
  • Our LBs are so slow it is unreal.
  • Caleb Kelly desperately needs to be in the game.
  • Doucet and Beal should be in over Evans and Evans.
  • PJ Mbanasor? Does he still exist? Got burned a few times last year but nothing as bad as what is happening right now.
  • Coordinators have been flat out bad lately. Another rough game for Lincoln Riley towards the end of the second half, and just a horrendous day for Mike.
  • Mark Andrews should get 10 targets a game.
  • Austin Roberts is solid. He is a quick DE.


Keys To Beating Texas:

  • Establish the run
  • Pressure freshman QB and throw some weird looks at him
  • No turnovers
  • No stupid penalties. Lots of personal fouls and unnecessary roughness through the first four games.
  • Play for all four quarters



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