OU vs Tulane BPP

Tonight, the Sooners will play in their second game of the season, and this is what we will be looking for:

  • Khadeem Lattin had a big game last week, and I think he will follow it up with another.
  • Matt Freeman should get extended minutes after his impressive first game
  • Christian James will get a lot of open threes
  • Kristian Doolittle got the start last game and played well, he is a really athletic four who can space the floor too
  • The Sooners have gotten off to a hot start from three and it should continue in this game
  • Strong is a really, really solid guard off the bench and should see big minutes
  • Domes defense was impressive last week and should continue to be impressive with how athletic he is

Tulane is coming off of a 20 point loss to North Carolina, and then 17 point win over SE Louisiana. They seem to be a young team who has potential, but still searching for direction. Each game has featured a different leader in points. Coming off of a 12-22 season, I don’t see a way the Green Wave can pull the upset in this one.



Oklahoma 87 – Tulane 69

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