Sooners’ New Facilities

During the past two football seasons, the Sooners have been using trailers as their locker rooms. This much needed renovation was recently completed, and the team has already moved in. This best-in-the-nation multi-purpose facility is 132,000 square feet, and boasts many new amenities.

Locker Room-

The Locker Room features over 100 hundred personalized lockers. Each player gets their own custom locker, featuring their number, position, and high school.Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.50.44 PMThe lockers are very spacious and have many places to store the player’s belongings. Each locker features many drawers, power outlets, and LED lighting. The rest of the locker room has TVs, couches, and hangout areas for the team.JURYQDSIDGUVMOI.20170516200900

Strength and Conditioning-

The Sooners’ new Strength and Conditioning facility is among the best in the nation. At 32,582 feet, it is more than three times the size of the old facility. This area will bulk up and enhance the skills of the players.UDGMSISZWRFXVOD.20170516200900

Cold Tub-

It may look like a pool, but its actually freezing. This tub is state-of-the-art, and is nicer than those of professional teams. Cold tubs instantly help the recovery of athletes by decreasing swelling and rapidly increasing recovery time, to keep them healthy and ready to play. HTHTXVNGBVMIGVM.20170516200900


Team Meeting Room-

The new Team Meeting Room is similar to the old one, but is larger, has more seating, and has nicer, comfier chairs. This is where the team will gather to get news from Coach Stoops and watch film.PETLLBMLBNQXZVK.20170516200859

Training Room-

The training room is a crucial part of any football facility. This is where players will come to get wrapper]d, taped up, and checked out before games. If a player gets hurt during a game, they will be brought here to be checked out, get x-rays, and heal up before they get back on the field.EZGDIQGDBEJQQJA.20170516200900


The Sooners’ new facilities are some of the best in the country, and the way they play on the field will surely show it. The team will spend countless hours in this new space, working and practicing for their third consecutive Big 12 Championship.


Article by Anderson Inman

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